How Does Apple HomeKit Work? Smart Control for Your Smart Home

A fully automatic home seems like science fiction dream from the future. But this dream is not far off with Apple’s Homekit. The homekit is a framework for fully automating your home. You can use it to control basically any features in your house.

Do you want to dim the lights, lock the doors, or adjust the temperature and not have to lift a finger? With Apple homekit, you can control those features using your voice via Siri. Alternatively, you can use touch control in the homekit app. Other settings you can control are the sensors, plugs and shade levels of your home.

The home app can be accessed through your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch. Most other apple devices, such as Apple TV, also have HomeKit access. With the app, you can control all the smart accessories in your home.

How does it work?

Apple’s Homekit creates one cohesive platform that connects all your smart devices together. Without this interface, if you have smart lights and smart blinds, for example, you would have to control each of the settings separately to make them work together. With homekit, your smart devices can communicate with each other and you can them all on one framework.

And all this can be done with you voice! You will still be able to access the full settings of all your smart devices with the apps that they come with. Siri just helps streamline some of that work for you.

Best of all, your data is protected with encryption. Homekit can ensure that none of your data gets stolen and no one can hack into your system with end-to-end encryption.

What is it compatible with?

Before smart devices can be streamlined with Homekit, they first have to go through Apple’s approval process. After the device has been engineering and has gotten approved by Apple, then it will be added to Homekit.

Currently, companies such as Lutron, iHome, Elgato, Insteon and Ecobee have created compatible homekit devices. These include homekit compatible ceiling fans that can connect to Wifi. This way, you can control the fan through Siri. There are also smart plugs, lights and thermostats that you can also install to interface in homekit. Here’s a full list of devices that will work: Apple Homekit Compatible Devices.

Where do I get it?

You can purchase compatible devices on Apple’s website, on Amazon, Best buy or Home Depot. Each of these devices come with a set up code in the instructions. With the homekit app, you can scan the code and the device will be paired with the apple’s integrative platform.

You can organize all your smart devices on the home page of the app. This way, you can have everything the way it makes sense to you and serves all your home needs. For a full description of the setup, consult the Apple HomeKit guide.