How Does Nest Work? (The Smart Thermostat)

We’ve all been there: you set the thermostat at night to keep you cool while you’re sleeping, but it’s freezing cold in the morning. This is what happens with most thermostats. They are completely dependent on you to change and modify the temperature settings. Nest, however, learns what temperature you like and when you like it. It’s a smart thermostat.

Nest can automatically programs itself according to your preferences. This avoids both programming errors or confusion with how to program a thermostat in the first place. Nest magically adjust the temperature in your house to what makes you comfortable. 

This smart thermostat comes with a lot of learning features: it knows when to turn itself on and off, it knows what temperatures you like, it knows when you’re away from home, and it learns how long it takes to heat or cool your home to a certain temperature. Best of all, there’s a Nest app that lets you make changes from anywhere and track your thermostat.

How does Nest work?

The Nest thermostat works by integrating artificial intelligence into its core learning process. It learns your preferences from the minutes it’s installed and you begin using it. 

The initial days of use are the most critical: this is when your Nest thermostat is developing the most. Of course, if you change your habits, the Nest will adapt. But with no initial knowledge of your preferences, the first couple of days are integral to its learning process. After the first week, however, Nest will be fully automatically functional.

Nest learns by observing your temperature preferences and your schedule for those preferences. For instance, if you turn the thermostat off every night before bed, then Nest will learn to turn itself off during your usual nighttime. It also observes what settings you like to activate when you get home from work or when you get up in the morning. After a regular week’s use of Nest, it knows the ins and outs of your schedule.

You can track everything your Nest is doing and your setting history in Energy History. The Nest app also allows you to adjust the temperature of the thermostat from anywhere.

What are the benefits?

First of all, you never have to think about your thermostat ever again. The smarts of your smart thermostat ensure that you’re comfortable in your home at all times. 

But more importantly, with Nest, you’ll be saving electricity. Internal Nest research has shown that homes with Nest see 10-12% savings on heating and 15% on cooling. Generally, this translates to about $130 in savings per year (Link).

Where can I get one and how do I install?

You can choose the right nest thermostat for you on their website or go straight to Amazon to read the amazing reviews and to purchase (it’s a bestseller). 

Nest installation is extremely easy. It’s compatible with most systems (check compatibility), and the included installation guide is easy to follow. If you have more questions about installation, you can consult the guide here.